Return & Refund Policy





Returning a product on is pretty simple.


1. You may return products within 7 days after delivery (inclusive of the delivery day).

To return a product, please send us an E-mail at or Call Us on: 0700AUGUSTWISH or 07038475622

If you are sending us an email, please provide the following information:


a.     Your name, address and phone number.

b.     The product code and name of the product you want to return.

c.     Payment mode for the product.

d.     Reason for return.

e.     Condition of return.

f.      Preferred mode of refund(excluding cash).


4. Please return products in the original condition it was delivered to you. A product is new if it is in its original, unopened packaging along with accessories and any other accompanying items.

5. If a product is defective upon delivery, please feel free to contact us and return immediately.

6. After the expiration of 7 days, we will not be able to take the product back from you.

7. We will not accept any return of any Software product returned to us if it has been opened.

8. We do not accept the return of fashion apparels (e.g. clothing, shoes, bags etc.) if such apparel has been removed from its wrappings.




9. Please supply us with the mode of payment used in purchasing the product you seek a refund for.

10. Inform us of a preferred means of refund.

11. A refund usually takes up to 2 weeks to process, so please bear with us. But we assure you that processing will not take more than 4 weeks.





1. We reserve the right to cancel your order at anytime before delivery. This however does not affect your stator rights.

2. You may also cancel your order before the dispatch of your order without any cost to you.

3. You may also cancel your order after dispatch but you may be charged for the cost of dispatch and other such charges for such cancellation.